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“On the Fanta social channels the campaign content outperformed any other brand generated content by 10 times.” 

Fanta Switzerland Marketing 

Fanta - Instamix - Launch

Influencer Campaign


Idee, Konzept, Projektleitung Launch des Mix Pulvers Instamix für Fanta  durch Rekrutierung, Briefing und Management von 10 Namenhaften Influencern aus der Schweiz.


Fanta aimed to create awareness and drive sales for its new fanta instamix product in its young swiss target audience.


In collaboration with GoSnap and MediaCom Fanta established a 12-week Instagram Influencer campaign targeting teens in Switzerland.
9 selected influencers created short videos or pictures to showcase and promote Fanta Instamix.


The created Influencer content met exactly the needs of the target group reflected in exceptionally high engagement rates.


  • 9 Videos produced

  • 861,542 Total Video views

  • 81,6% Of Influencer fans reached 

  • 21,38 % Engagement Rate on Instagram

  • 42.- CHF (all/in) CPMVideo Views 

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